Glowing jar project – varázslat a lakásban (EN/HU)

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Glowing jar project

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  1. I tried this with some other type of paint from Michaels craft store here in the US, spent the whole weekend doing lil perfect dots and wasn’t able to get any kind of vibrance like what I see in your pictures. I was so bummed. I am not giving up though! I am going to buy from the links you posted and give those a shot!!! Thanks for doing this tutorial! Its so nice when people are willing to share the magic of their craft and not be selfish. I love your work and am always oohing and aahhing. You need to do more of these! :-D

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  3. These are amazing! I’m considering this project to add to the outdoor decor for my wedding reception. How long do you have to “charge” the jars with a lamp and roughly how long will they glow?

    • Hey Kelly! These would look so nice on your wedding reception, if these would be the only light sources (if there is more light, they’re not very vivid)! :) The thing is that they’re glow for a long time(6-9 hours) after ‘charging’ for 2-3 hours. :) At least the Poliglow ones.

      • There are a few spots at the reception site where these could be placed as the only light source. That’s great they glow so long! I’ll definitely be making some. Thank you so much!!

    • One suggestion I have is to charge them with a blacklight instead of a regular lamp. Blacklights supercharge glow-in-the-dark materials and it will last longer. Good luck!

  4. Will this paint work on clear plastic containers? Would love to make these for my small grandkids to play with on late summer evenings.

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  7. These look great! Thanks for sharing.
    I’m curious how it would work if you thinned the paint down (with solvent or water) and swirled it around in the jar and turned the jars upside down and let them dry? The application would be diluted so I wonder how much the jars would “glow”. Might have to try this experiment!

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  10. hey, very pretty, i had an idea but i dont have the glow in the dark paint, but instead of water you should try cooking oil and an eye dropper, should make a more 3d effect with paint, give it a try if you have time

  11. I tried to contact the company but it said mail was undeliverable. So I tried, so we will see how it turns out!!! I cant wait for the paint to come!!

  12. Could you possibly put flowers in them during the day or something to make them look a little cute while they are not glowing? :)

  13. I would like to try this project combined with a mason jar light. On HGTV I saw where they cut off the bottom of mason jars (so the heat from the light bulb could escape), drilled a large hole in the screw-on tops, and inserted a light bulb fixture for about $4.50 per light. The lit bulbs would provide a light source when needed and would charge the glow in the dark paint. Turn off the light and let the paint glow when you want that effect. Our daughter wants to feature mason jars in her wedding decor, and I am thinking a design of their initials, some swirls, and dots. Thank you for the glowing idea!

  14. Are you Hungarian?
    My father is native hungarian and retired, there. I just had the opportunity to visit budapest and all my relatives, this past year. Hungary and the hungarian people are beautiful, I loved the culture! Unfortunately, I know only a few words.

    • Oh, I thought you are (at least half) Hungarian, from your name. Végvári is just so Hungarian. :) Yes, I’m hungarian, and I’m very happy you found my blog! I hope you’ll have more chances to visit Budapest, it’s a beautiful city! (Unfortunately I don’t live there either)

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  16. Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is fantastic, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about Glowing jar project – varázslat a lakásban (EN/HU) | from {panka} with love .

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  19. This looks like such a wonderful project. It is giving me all sorts of ideas. I got the link on a social site I’m a member of, one of the areas on the site is for crafty people.
    I often have jars that I recycle, from things like pasta sauce. Now I will keep some of the jars and see what I can do with glow paint.

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  25. I’m making these for my little girl’s “Fairy Garden” I’m doing exactly as you said but I’m putting the lids on the jars. I’m making holes in the lid, inserting a rubber ring in the hole (to keep moisture and bugs out) and putting stakes in the holes so I can put them in the ground around around her little garden. I’ll poast pictures as soon as they’re done =) Thanks SOOOOO much for sharing this awesome idea!

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  28. If I wanted to use them in the garden I could just paint them and keep the lid tight, don’t you think? That way the rain wouldn’t get in. I can’t wait to give it a try!!!!!!! Do share the BEST paint available in the States. I want to do it right the first time. Thanks for sharing!

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  33. I love your photograph of the mason jars with the glow-in-the-dark paint. How incredibly awesome. I love photography as well and am impressed with your techniques. I’m going to try to make my own jars. Thank you for the idea.

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  35. Brilliant! So simple but what a magical effect! Shared it with all my friends on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter. I’ll be getting some GITD paint and make some for those long summer nights on the patio!

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  37. Since the paint gets watered down a little bit, I bet you could use an old toothbrush and use your thumb to pull at the bristles so that the paint will flick and splatter nicely. Saving lots of time and dirtying a thumb( a disposable glove would solve that too) :)

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  39. I just love those mason jars! Has anyone come up with a place to buy those “Hungarian” paints in the U S or Canada?

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  44. Hi, Love this idea, repinned on pinterest :)

    I have one question, how much paint is needed for a medium or large mason jar? Just wondering how much to buy.

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  48. Valóban csodás kis cuccok, de kérdésem hogy kívülre is lehet festeni pl. ha másfajta üveget szeretnék dekorálni? Próbálta esetleg valaki, más mintával, más felületre, s az üvegre kívülről? Mennyi ideig tartja a fényt magában?
    üdv. J.

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  52. This is such a cute idea! My girls are gonna love it! I wonder if you could mix the glow paint with a little regular paint so that it would look cute during the day and night, then you could use them in a garden or something.

  53. Szia!
    A WebShop-ban azt írják vízbázisú ezért csak beltérre használható!
    Te azt írod: vigyázzunk, mert nem lehet lemosni semmiről amire esetleg rácseppen!?
    Kérlek írd meg akkor lehet-e pl. teraszra kitenni, vagy csak tényleg beltérre jó???

    • Szia Szabolcs!

      Igaz, hogy vízbázisú, ezt úgy értsd, hogy ha hígabbá szeretnéd tenni, akkor vizet kell hozzáadni. Azért írtam, hogy nem jön ki semmiből, mert egy ecsetemet tönkre is tett, mert sajnos nem vettem észre, hogy festékes maradt, és rászáradt. Hetekig áztattam vízben, de nem jött ki belőle a festék. Másrészt én már többször is összevizeztem az üvegeimet száradás után és nem jött le róla semmi.
      Szóval nem lehet gond szerintem a terasszal sem. :))

      Ugyanakkor nem tudok nyilatkozni az Unikromglow-os festékekről (ha jól tudom, már csak ezek vannak), nekem még Poliglow-m van. Lehet, hogy csak a neve változott. Ha nem sajnálsz rá egy kis pénzt, akkor szerintem próbáld ki kis mennyiséggel. :)

  54. Akkor van egy világító ecseted? :)
    Nevet váltott a gyártó, így a Poliglow termékek már Unikromglow néven futnak plusz pár színnel bővült a gyártó palettája. Mivel akrilfesték, ezért szerintem kültéren is megmarad.

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  58. Hello can I reblog this in my blog in pure English. I’ll definitely put your link in there so that people can see your blog too. I usually include credits to real owners of photos I’m blogging. You can check my blogsite It’s a personal blog site with contents mostly of my amazing finds usually in photos just like your project.

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  60. Awesome! Makes me want to stipple the exposed light bulbs in my house. But that’s probably not a good idea, given how hot they get. :)

  61. Wondering if you know of any places in Canada that sell this, many of the other sites won’t ship to Canada & I would really love to do this for in my kids rooms & outside on our deck!!

  62. Do you know if this would work 1. on plastic, and/or 2. on the inside of the wine “glass” (any food/toxicity issues?). I think this would be really fun to do on “outdoor” wine glasses for summer evenings on the deck.

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  78. if you filled the jars with clear or blue tinted marbles with dots of paint it might look even more brilliant.

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  82. Szia! Nahát… a Pinteresten bukkantam rá a képre erre meg kiderül, hogy a hozzá tartozó blogot egy magyar lány szerkeszti. Kicsi a világ… Nagyon szépek, nagyon hangulatosak lehetnek este… Gratulálok! Én is kipróbálom majd! Köszi :D

  83. Én is ki fogom próbálni, nagyon szépek ezek az üvegek, csak az a kérdésem, hogy egy tubus festék mennyire elég, illetve, ha marad, azt lehet tárolni?

    • A tárolással nincs gond, mert üvegben adják. :) Én két üveggel vettem, még mindig van belőlük, 2 db 10 és 6 db kicsi üveget festettem be velük, de még nagyjából félig vannak. Nem tudom, hogy ennyire takarékos vagyok, vagy tényleg ilyen sokra elég. :)

  84. Great tutorial. Love it. But the shipping is so expensive. Colour was 6 € and the shipping nearly 19 €. That is to mutch.

    • Just a suggestion, do not use Martha Stewart’s glow in the dark paint… I got the same like this product review:,default,pd.html

      Dorothea Dahmlos:
      My German friend ordered four glow in the dark paints from the EU url. I tried the Glow Inc’s one.
      Her and my results are the same as the blogwrites.

      Just a little counting with US vs. EU prices, four color glowing paints and the same size product :)

      If I wanna do the SAME QUALITY like my German friend or the blogwriter got:
      – here in the U.S. I have to spend 4x$19.98 (eg 4x€16) + $10 shipping fee – the total is almost $90 (eg €70).
      – in EU: 4x€3,4 + with the €19 shipping fee: total €32

      So the result is: the same quality in Europe is cheaper… with $90 in the EU I can buy 14 glow in the dark paints, here only just 4.

  85. I’m sorry – you said you used water-based paints? I’m asking because it seems acrylic-based would stick better to glass and also because the link to the shop directs to acrylic paints…?

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