Poll – You sure want to read in English

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It’s the 31st January, which means I’m closing my poll on the blog’s language with the following results:

According to the 419 votes I got in total, 407 of you said you’d like to read my posts in English, 6 of you said they’re not bothered by Hungarian language, and I got 6 other answers asking for either bilingular posts, or google translator to translate the blog in other languages too (Brazilian, Portugese, Spanish, Italian), that I don’t speak, unfortunately.

So, I set up a Translator site, on which you can translate my blog into several languages. Please note, that it’s only a BETA version, because I can’t find the appropriate code for the exact Hungarian-English translation. :/ (That means that if you want to read in english, you should set it by yourself after clicking a random language)

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